The Clitorides Awards

For the best in written erotica!

Posted: 2014-01-18 | Updated: 2022-02-11

Webmasters Resources

This page contains all the info and resources you need to support the Clitorides Awards on your site.

Linking to The Clitorides Awards:

Please link to the site's main URL:

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The Clitorides Awards
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The Clitorides Awards
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The Clitorides Awards

Of course, you're free to use dimensions more appropriate for your site by chaging the 'height' and the 'width' properties on the image. But please keep the ratios correct.

API Support:

The site's engine can fetch information about pasted URL from the site in the URL. It requires you to build support for the awards site into your site. This is already done for Storiesonline and it makes the nomination job easier for user of that site.

If you're interested in making it easy for your users to nominate stories and authors from your site, contact me about specs and source code. you can reach me at